23.19 1
23.62 3

27.40 3
28.14 2

22.75 0

27.83 3
27.17 0

25.33 1

25.33 1
27.66 3

25.30 2
26.38 3

21.47 3
20.89 0





What a great game it turned out to be with both sides going dart for dart throughout. Over the years we have always been very close to Rugby when it comes to final league positions, and contests are usually close. Prior to the game our record against them since 2005/06 was won 5, drawn 2, lost 5.

So a draw not a strange result but the standard was very high and this game saw Sutton achieve our highest ever match running average, while both sides provided the highest combined match running average in any game we have taken part in.

MATTY GALLETT (23.19) 1 LUKE KENNEDY (23.62) 3

Matty got off well leaving 102 after just 12 darts including 100 & 140, but 5 missed darts at the double allowed Luke to close the gap and take the leg in 23 darts. The second leg was fairly even, and again Matt got a chance at the double, before Luke took it in 22 darts for 2-0. Matty bounced back with a cracking 3rd leg out in 18 darts including scores of 137 & 139. A maximum in the 4th looked to have set Matty up to level the game, but 3 missed doubles again allowed Luke a chance and he clocked 100 for a 3-1 win and a 21 dart game. Matty 5 tons and a 180, Luke 7 tons. 1-0 Rugby.


LUIS BARBERAN (27.40) 3 MATT EDGAR (28.14) 2

An absolute cracker to watch this one. Luis started with a 140 and scored steadily, but it was not quite enough to take the first leg with Matty quick out of the blocks and winning in 17 darts including 100, 140 & 100 finish. What a reply though from Luis, levelling at 1-1 in just 13 darts (81, 140, 180, 60, 40f) against throw. This was even more impressive given that Matt had a shot for 15 darts himself for 2-0, but Luis just kept focussed and took it at the first attempt. Luis then banged in 3 x 100 in the 3rd leg taking it in 19 darts with Matt on a double himself after 18. Luis hit two more tons in the 4th but was always chasing after Matty with throw had started 100, 140, 97 and Matt duly levelled at 2-2 in 20 darts. Luis made his advantage count in the 5th leg taking it in 18 darts with 100, 100 & 140 for an excellent 3-2 win and Matt will feel he would not lose very often playing as he did in the 5th leg himself leaving just 60 after 15 darts. Luis 11 tons and a 180, Matt 11 tons. Match score now 1-1.



Martin making his debut for Sutton in this one, and what a start earning the MOM with this performance. He took the first against throw in just 18 darts including scores of 140, 100 & 98. Martin then took a commanding lead in the 2nd leg starting 140, 95, 98 before taking out 57 for 18 darts to lead 2-0. The third leg was better still as Martin hit scores of 123, 140 & 102 on his way to a 17-dart leg and an excellent 3-0 win. Martin 6 tons Pete 3 tons. Sutton Sports now 2-1 up.

IAN MCFARLANE (27.83) 3 CARL GREEN (27.17) 0

Carl will go a long time before he plays this well and loses 3-0 again, but the Ginger one was in great form against him. Carl hit scores of 137 & 140 in the first leg, leaving 72 after 15 darts, but Ian had scored steadily himself and clocked 111 to take the first leg in 18 darts. A 140 and 3 further scores of 80+ in the second leg saw Ian first to the double and he made it 2-0 taking out 54 for 18 darts. Carl threw an incredible 3rd leg starting 100, 120, 100, 100 to leave 81 after 12 darts. Ian remained in contention though and back to back scores of 137 & 100 left him 92 which he duly took out for a 3rd straight 18 dart leg and a 3-0 win. Ian 5 tons, Carl 7 tons. Match score now 3-1 to Sutton.


MARK BIRCH (25.33) 1 MARTIN BOWLEY (27.94) 3

A good first leg for Birchy against the darts, going out in 19 darts and including back-to-back scores of 140 & 100, with Martin replying with scores of 137 & 100. Birchy also followed up with 100 & 140 in leg 2, but lost out as Martin hit back with 135, 100 & 100 to level in 17 darts. A steady 3rd leg from Birchy including 100 proved not quite enough as Martin made advantage of throw count with a 138, and two further scores of 96 seeing him down first. He finished off the 68 for an 18-dart game and a 2-1 lead. Birchy looked favourite to level in the 4th leg with 100, 140 & 95 seeing him leave 78 after 15 darts. Martin threw a great leg though and took it out in 15 darts himself (100, 99, 94, 100, 108f) with a great 108 out shot for a 3-1 win and the Rugby MOM award. Mark 7 tons, Martin 9 tons. Sutton now 3-2 up.


JIMMY COLLINS (25.33) 1 DAN WILLS (27.66) 3

Jim doing little wrong in the first leg with 100, 140 & 85, but a great 14 dart game from Dan (81, 180, 78, 140, 22f) saw him 1-0 up against throw. Dan started the second as strongly as he finished the first with a 121, but back-to-back scores of  140, 100 & 121 gave the initiative to Jim who levelled with a 60 finish in 18 darts. Both players scored 140 & 100 each in leg 3 but it was Dan who took it in 18 darts with Jim sat on 36. Jim put in scores of 95 and 123 early in the 4th but just couldn’t find another big score. Dan with three scores over 80 and a timely 130 got down first and took it in 21 darts for a 3-1 win. Jim 8 tons, Dan 6 tons and a 180. The match score now tied at 3-3.


MARK WILD (25.30) 2 PRAKASH JIWA (26.38) 3

Prakash started the better opening up with 140 and 100, but Wildy clawed his way back into it with scores of 121 and 95 to leave 56 after 18 darts. Prakash made advantage of throw count taking it in 21 darts. Wildy levelled with a great 2nd leg including scores of 122, 140 & 127 which even with a bit of a wobble on the double saw him out in 21 darts at 1-1. Prakash hit back with 100, 100 & 140 in the 3rd but was pushed all the way by Wildy who scored 100 and four more scores over 80. Prakash got first shot though and was out in 19 darts for a 2-1 lead. Prakash hit 140 & 100 in the fourth leg, but Wildy with a 100 and a very timely 171 to leave 36 took it in 21 darts to level at 2-2. Wildy started with a 140 in the final leg, and added three further scores over 80 to leave tops after 15 darts. Prakash, however, replied himself with 100, 140 and two scores over 90 to see him out in 17 darts for a 3-2 win, all legs going with throw. Mark 8 tons and a 171, Prakash 10 tons. Rugby now 4-3 up.


DANE VICKERS (21.47) 3 TERRY JAMES (20.89) 0

Two tons apiece in the first leg but Dane’s steadier scoring overall saw him down first and out in 24 darts to lead 1-0. Both players failed to quite find the big scores in the second, but it was Terry who got down first. He missed 7 at a double though to let Dane in for a 2-0 lead in 25 darts. Terry looked to be fighting back in the 3rd leg carding a maximum, but Dane clocked 96 for a 21-dart game to complete a 3-0 win and earn a bonus point in the match for Sutton. Dane 3 tons, Terry 2 tons and a 180.

Final score Sutton Sports 4 Rugby 4.

Running averages were Sutton 25.53 (team record), Rugby 25.57.

Tons went Sutton 53+3, Rugby 56+2.

From our own side it was an excellent night. Luis showed great composure in going toe-to-toe with Matty Edgar for 5 legs and coming out on top. Martin Brown chalked up a debut win and the MOM and Ian McFarlane is playing greta darts and looking as relaxed as we have seen him since he came to Sutton. I swear he almost smiled at one point! To then see three losers topping 25 averages including Jim Collins in only his 2nd game for us gives us plenty to build on.

In fairness it would have been harsh on either side to have lost this game. Eleven of the 14 players topped a 25 average, with 6 going over 27. This was very possibly the best contest we have seen at Sutton since we entered Superleague.

As the statistics prove it was a tremendous game and a very even one. I think both sides showed in this game that they are more than capable of upsetting a few of the established top sides as the season progresses.

We look forward to the return at Rugby and wish them the best for the rest of this season.

 Next up, the small matter of a trip to Champions Leamington.

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