18.56 3
17.17 0

20.73 0

19.92 1
24.51 3

20.51 3
21.05 2

18.10 1
21.61 3

12.14 0
21.47 3

23.43 1

20.25 0
24.24 3




Midland Red 3 Sutton Sports 5

Since our hosts moved to their new venue in Bartley Green a couple of years ago the games have always been very close, with a 4-4 draw a couple of years ago and a narrow 5-3 win for us at the end of last season. This was another close one with us again taking it by 5 games to 3 but once again it could have gone either way.

James Hykin (18.56) 3 John Kavanagh (17.17) 0

Not a great game to start with. JK very inconsistent in the first leg with a couple of tons but also a number of sub 60 scores. This allowed James to take the leg in 24 darts including scores of 125 & 123. JK had a chance to level in the second despite further inconsistent scoring, but missed the double for a 75 out shot and James stepped in to make it 2-0 in 25 darts. James scored slightly the better in the 3rd leg with back to back scores of 140 & 121, JK replying with a 100, but both players struggled to find their double until James eventually took out double 1 for a 32-dart leg and a 3-0 win. James 4 tons, JK 3 tons. Midland Red 1-0 up.


Tommy McGlone (20.73) 0 Luis Barberan (25.47) 3

A great start by Luis scoring 100, 100 and 140 in the first leg, taking it in 17 darts for a 1-0 lead. Tommy started the second with back-to-back scores of 121 & 123 but Luis hit back with 3 x 100 and was out in 25 darts for a 2-0 lead. Luis continued where he left off in leg 3 with 2 x 140 and out in another 17-dart leg for a 3-0 win and the Sutton Sports MOM on the night. Tommy 4 tons, Luis 8 tons. Match score now 1-1.


Greg Smith (19.92) 1 Martin Brown (24.51) 3

Martin started with 2 x 100 in his first 3 visits to the board, before winning the first leg relatively comfortably in 26 darts. Greg bounced back with the best leg of the night in 15 darts (81, 100, 85, 140, 95f) to level at 1-1. Martin took the 3rd with some ease in 18 darts to re-establish his lead including 2 x 100, and took the 4th leg in 20 darts for a 3-1 win. Greg 3 tons, Martin 8 tons. Sutton Sports now 2-1 up.


Ashley Hykin (20.51) 3 Jimmy Collins (21.05) 2

No tons for Jim in the first leg but steady 80+ scores throughout gave him the edge. Ashley almost nicked it, however, missing his double for a 150 finish, before Jim finished in 24 darts. Ashley started with a 121 and three further 80+ scores put him ahead in the second leg. Both players then missed several darts at a double before Ashley levelled in 25 darts. Jim hit a maximum in the third leg and immediately followed it with a ton. Ashley hit back with 140 & 100 but it was Jim who got down first and out in 19 darts to lead 2-1. Jim hit a second 180 in leg 4, but Ashley scored steadily throughout and after Jim missed 3 darts from tops Ashley levelled at 2-2 in 22 darts. Jim looked set to take the 5th after back-to-back scores of 137 & 140 but after Jim missed 7 darts at a double Ashley took out 56 for a 27-dart leg to nick it 3-2. Ashley 5 tons, Jim 5 tons a 2 x 180’s. The match score was now level again at 2-2.


Keith Pemberton (18.10) 1 Mark Wild (21.61) 3

Wildy won the first leg comfortably with 100, 3 x 95 and 86 out for 1-0 in 17 darts and Keith back on 267. Mark then made it 2-0 in 23 darts including scores of 105, 100 & 98. A 140 in the 3rd leg at the perfect time gave Mark the edge but 6 missed darts at a double allowed Keith back in and after scores of 100 & 131 Keith clawed a leg back in 26 darts. Mark then put in scores of 100 & 137 in the 4th leg to gain a healthy lead and this time took it in 25 darts for a 3-1 win. Keith 3 tons, Mark 6 tons.  Sutton Sports 3-2 up.


Tommy Hill (12.14) 0 Dane Vickers (21.47) 3

Dane started 140, 100 in leg one and was always ahead, closing out the leg in 24 darts for 1-0. Dane scored a further 100 in the 2nd leg before clocking 118 to make it 2-0 in 24 darts. Dane recorded 2 x 140 in leg three and comfortably finished the leg in 22 darts for a 3-0 win. Tommy 1 ton, Dane 6 tons. Sutton Sports now 4-2 up on the night.


Dave Bourne (25.56) 3 Mark Birch (23.43) 1

Birchy started well with a 140 & 99 before clocking 70 to lead 1-0 in 21 darts. Dave bounced back well though, with 2 x 100 and three further 80+ scores as he levelled in 17 darts. Birchy hit a maximum early in the third leg and a further 100 ensured he got first shot at a double. However, he missed with 4 darts allowing Dave with 2 x 100 himself to take it in 20 darts and lead 2-1. The 4th was very close with Birchy hitting 100, 100 and Dave scoring 140, 100. In the end it came down to advantage of throw and Dave took out 96 for an 18-dart leg and a 3-1 win as well as taking Midland Red’s MOM award. Dave 7 tons, Mark 6 tons and a 180. 4-3 Sutton Sports.

Thomas Hykin (20.25) 0 Ian McFarlane (24.24) 3

No tons in the first but three 90+ scores for Ian saw him down first and despite a few missed doubles he went one up in 26 darts. The second was a better leg, with both players scoring 100 & 140 apiece. In the end Ian’s overall heavier scoring saw him down first and out in 17 darts for 2-0. Steady scoring then saw Ian home in the third taking out tops for 19 darts and a match-winning 3-0 win. Thomas 3 tons, Ian 2 tons.

Final score Midland Red 3 Sutton Sports 5

A good win for us and our second away win of the season to date.

Running averages were Midland Red 19.47, Sutton Sports 22.37.

Tons were Midland Red 30+0, Sutton Sports 44+3.

Next up for us we get only our 3rd home game of the season against Nuneaton. Lets hope we can make it three wins in a row.


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