23.06 1
25.37 3

21.81 2

20.49 0

19.20 1
26.32 3

20.04 0
20.88 3

23.53 0
24.64 3

16.95 3
17.58 2

19.80 3
18.78 1




Erdington Red Lion 3 Sutton Sports 5

As with last season we started our campaign a couple of weeks later than most, so it was important to get up and running with a win. The omens were good, last season in a similar situation we started a couple of weeks late and actually began with a win at the Red Lion, and as it was tonight we did so again this time with a 5-3 win albeit against a very different line up.



Barry Stephens (23.06) 1 Luis Barberan (25.37) 3

Luis, on debut, and at just 12 years of age, got a tough first draw against former County player Barry. Both started well, and Luis with the darts left 81 after 12 darts including 137 & 100. Barry with three tons had left 106 after 12 himself. Luis just missed the bull for the 81 finish, but Barry made no mistake clocking 106 for a 1-0 lead in 15 darts. Luis is made of stern stuff though and levelled the score at 1-1 in 23 darts, with further scores of 140 & 100. Back-to back tons in the third saw Luis out in 20 darts to lead 2-1, and after putting in successive scores of 100, 140 & 100 in the 4th he was down first to take it in 20 darts for a 3-1 win. Barry 8 tons, Luis 9 tons. 1-0 Sutton Sports.


Bobby Green (21.22) 3 Dane Vickers (21.81) 2

Bobby took the first with throw taking out 58 in 2 for a 23 dart leg, with Dane sat on tops. Dane scored a couple of tons in leg 2, but Bobby replied with 100, 100 & 123. It came down to finishing though with both missing a few doubles before Bobby made it 2-0 in 26 darts. Both players started the 3rd leg with a 140 but it was Dane with steadier scoring who got down first and was out in 22 darts to reduce the arrears. A better 4th leg saw Dane level at 2-2 in 20 darts. The 5th leg was close but Bobby with advantage of throw took out 43 in 2 for 23 darts for the narrowest of 3-2 wins, with Dane again sat on tops. This ended up as the Erdington MOM performance. Bobby 9 tons, Dane 5 tons. Match score now 1-1.


Brendan Lysaght (20.49) 0 Mark Birch (27.83) 3

Birchy had a great season last season and began it with a win here, which included a couple of maximums. History repeated itself as Birchy did just that again. Scores of 140, 140 & 113 left him on 48 after just 12 darts. He took the leg comfortably in the end in 17 darts to go 1-0 up, and then started leg 2 with a maximum. He missed bull for a 127 finish, but took the leg next time in 17 darts for a 2-0 lead with Brendan back on 169. Mark then hit his 2nd maximum of the game in leg 3, before taking out 71 for a 20-dart leg and 3-0 win, and in doing so recorded his highest average yet for Sutton which also got him the Sutton MOM. Brendan 2 tons, Mark 6 tons and 2 x 180’s. Sutton Sports now 2-1 up.


 Dave Lacey (19.20) 1 Matt Gallett (26.32) 3

 Dave got off to a stormer for the home side out in 16 darts and including scores of 100, 100 & 140. Matt replied with 140 & 118 but came up just short to go 1-0 down. Matt kicked off leg 2 with a 177, and never looked back. A further 140 got him down first with time to spare and he levelled at 1-1 in 17 darts. Leg three was an edgy affair with just a 100 each and both very even until Matt clocked the remaining 68 for a 24-dart leg to go 2-1 up. There were no such worries in leg 4 with Matt out in 18 darts for a 3-1 win including 100 & 140. Dave 4 tons, Matt 7 tons and a 177. Match score now 3-1 to Sutton.


 John Frost (20.04) 0 Mark Wild (20.88) 3

John had the edge in the first with scores of 140, 100 & 100 but Wildy after a slower start added a couple of 90+ scores to his opening 100 and took out 32 for a 22-dart leg and a 1-0 lead. Scores of 100 & 137 helped Wildy take the initiative in leg two and despite a few missed doubles he closed it out in 23 darts for 2-0. Two tons apiece in the 3rd leg meant it was close, and there were missed doubles on both sides before Wildy took it in 27 darts for a 3-0 win. John 5 tons, Mark 5 tons. Sutton now 4-1 up.


 Chris Turnbull (23.53) 0 Ian McFarlane (24.64) 3

A strange one for us here with Chris, a Sutton player last season unexpectedly being roped in by the home side on the night to play against us! Ian started it the better, and was unlucky to miss out on a 138 finish in 15 darts. He took it in the end in 22, and had included scores of 125, 100 & 134. Chris responded with back-to-back scores of 100 & 105 but missed his shot for 110 out. Ian took advantage taking out 60 for 21 darts and a 2-0 lead. Chris found 3 tons in the third leg, but Ian always just had the edge taking it for 3-0 in 18 darts with a 100 & 140 along the way. Chris 5 tons, Ian 5 tons. Sutton 5-1 up.


 Sean Lysaght (16.95) 3 Jimmy Collins (17.58) 2

Jimmy was Suttons second debutant on the night after moving across from Erdington where he played last season. He looked good for the 1st leg, but missed doubles let Sean in to take it in 25 darts. Jimmy started the second leg 100, 121 and stayed on top to level in 23 darts. Jimmy held on to win a low scoring 3rd leg in 26 darts with an 85 finish, and after starting 100, 99, 100 in the 4th leg it looked like the hard work had been done and Jimmy would close out the game. However, over 20 missed darts at doubles allowed Sean to claw his way back and level in 40 darts at 2-2. Jim started with the advantage in the last leg, but despite a 140, the game went to Sean who replied with 140 and two scores of  over 90, taking the leg in 21 darts for a 3-2 win. Sean 2 tons, Jimmy 6 tons. Sutton 5-2 up.


 John Morris (19.80) 3 John Kavanagh (18.78) 1

JK took the first, despite a wobble on the double, in 26 darts including 2 tons. The second was close before JK bust 56 twice to allow John in to level at 1-1. John missed a few doubles himself before taking it in 26 darts. JK started the 3rd with 140, but John hit back with scores of 137 & 100. John missed double 10, but JK then bust 68 to allow John another chance, which was gratefully accepted leaving the home player 2-1 up. The 4th was a better leg, John with 140 & 114 and JK with 100 & 100. Both players again missed a chance before John Morris took it in 19 darts for a 3-1 win. John 6 tons, JK 6 tons.

Final score Erdington Red Lion 3 Sutton Sports 5.

Running averages were Erdington 20.54, and Sutton 22.90.

Tons went Erdington 41+0, Sutton 49+3.

All in all a win we have to be pleased with away from home, and our first game of the season. There were chances to have won by a bigger margin, though, and the fact that chances were missed may prove costly later in the season.

This result did mean a team record of 6 straight wins in Superleague following a good end to last season (and also means a 7-match unbeaten run).

There were, however, too many missed doubles from some of our players. Perhaps we are a bit ring-rusty after the summer. A winning team start to build on though has got to be a big positive.

What a great debut also though from Luis Barberan. He can look forward to a great future in the game, but there is no doubt he will ruffle a few feathers in Superleague this season. Cracking wins from Birchy, Matty, Ian & Wildy also.

We look forward to seeing our opponents at our place later in the season. Next up its Rugby at home.

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