26.37 3
20.89 0

19.92 2
22.78 3

19.82 3
16.42 1

25.25 2

22.06 0

25.91 3
21.91 0

22.63 3
23.63 2

22.68 0
24.64 3




Coventry Bishopsgate 5 Sutton Sports 3

It has to be said in recent years our record against these lads from Coventry Bishopsgate (or Coventry Cherry Tree as they were previously) has been pretty abysmal. Since our impressive double over them in 2005-06, we have drawn 2 and lost 8 of our last 10 meetings. We thought this might be our turn to change that but it wasn’t to be, though we did feel perhaps a little unlucky not to nick a point with a few chances in key games going begging.

Kevin Dowling (26.37) 3 Mark Wild (20.89) 0

Kev started with back-to-back tons as we might expect, but Wildy was unable to find the trebles in the first leg and Kev took out 86 in 3 for a 1-0 lead in 18 darts. Wildy started the second leg much better with 140, 100 but Kev outdid him again starting 100, 140, 140 and having the throw was down first. Kev missed a few chances but still took it in 19 darts before Wildy could get a shot at the 84 he had remaining. Wildy was off with a 100 in the third leg but again Kev found the big scores 140, 140 and 119, to see him out in 20 darts for a 3-0 win. Kevin 8 tons, Mark 3 tons. Coventry Bishopsgate 1-0 up.

Steve Giddings (19.92) 2 Ian McFarlane (22.78) 3

Steve started the better with advantage of throw in leg one, putting in back-to back scores of 132 & 180, and was out in 21 darts for a 1-0 lead. Steve followed up in leg two with scores of 140 and 130 to leave 36, but Ian with a 136 and steady scoring besides beat him to it and took the leg in 19 darts for 1-1. Successive scores of 100, 100 & 99 looked to have given Ian the initiative in leg 3 but the double would just not go in. Steve got down himself and missed chances of his own. In the end after having 14 darts from tops, Ian lost out as Steve took the leg in 34 darts. Some players might drop their head after legs like that, but no-one was surprised when Ian bounced back with an excellent 15-dart leveller (134, 180, 57, 65, 65f). That is how he has responded to bad legs ever since he came to Sutton. The fifth was a close call. Steve banged in 2 x 100’s and Ian 134 & 99. It came down to the finish. Steve failed to take out 87, and Ian took 48 in 2 for a 3-2 win and a 20-dart leg. Steve 6 tons and a 180, Ian 6 tons and a 180. Match score now 1-1.

Dave Harris (19.82) 3 John Kavanagh (16.42) 1

A poor first leg set the tone for this one. A solitary ton for Dave, and JK not at the races saw Dave out in 28 darts for a 1-0 lead. Dave picked it up in leg two, with scores of 140 & 118 before finishing 102 for a tidy 18-dart leg for 2-0. Dave then started pretty well in leg three with scores of 125, 100 & 98, JK replying only with a 140 of any note and struggling to find any sort of form. Dave missed 8 at a double however, and JK when given the chance took it in 25 darts for 2-1. The fourth leg saw Dave start 100, 100, but JK who had appeared seemingly out of it replied with back-to-back scores of 100 and 140 to leave 83. Dave missed 3 at 32, but JK then missed double 12 for the 83 out to level. Both players continued to miss with a further 6 each at their doubles before Dave took it in 31 darts for a 3-1 win, in a game both players (but particularly JK) will want to forget. Dave 8 tons, JK 3 tons. Coventry Bishopsgate now 2-1 up.


Mark Carter (27.11) 3 Luis Barberan (25.25) 2

What a start, as Luis against throw started 140, 100, 85, & 140 to leave 36 after just 12 darts. On another night it might well be game over in Luis’ favour, but Mark had started 140, 123, 83 & 81 himself to leave just 74, and he took it in 3 for a 15-dart leg and a 1-0 lead. Mark scored well in the second again with 135, 100, 97 & 95, but this time Luis had advantage of throw and after 3 x 100’s he took out 60 for an 18-dart game to level at 1-1. The third leg saw what looked a crucial break of throw with Luis hitting 140 to leave 82, which he took out in 2 for 20 darts and a 2-1 lead. Luis then scored 100, 119 & 100 in the fourth leg and had three at tops to take the match. Uncharacteristically, he missed and Mark who had scored 100 & 140 himself levelled it at 2-2 in 21 darts. A timely 140 gave Mark the edge early on in the fifth leg. Luis had struggled to find the trebles early in the leg and although he found a 100 later in the leg, it was too late as Mark took it in 19 darts for a 3-2 win and the Coventry Bishopsgate MOM. Mark 8 tons, Luis 11 tons. Coventry Bishopsgate 3-1 up.


Noel Grant (22.06) 0 Matt Gallett (25.91) 3

Noel struggled early on but would have had to go some to stop Matty in the first leg as he went 1-0 up in 15 darts (100, 121, 100, 140, 40f). Matty kept up the pressure in leg two with scores of 140, 81 & 97, and with Noel still not finding the tons, Matty duly went 2-0 up in 19 darts. Noel just couldn’t find a ton, though was hitting a fair number of 80+ scores. It was crucial though that Matt finished this one before Noel really found his range, and Matty did just that with scores of 100, 137 and two further 90+ scores in leg three to win it in 24 darts for a 3-0 win and the Sutton MOM. Noel 0 tons, Matt 7 tons.  Coventry Bishopsgate 3-2 up.


Paul Deslandes (25.91) 3 Jimmy Collins (21.91) 0

Paul, very steady in leg 1, with 105 plus 3 more scores over 80 and no score below 60 was down first and out in 21 darts. Jim had replied with a 140 and left himself 50 after 18. Jim started the second leg 100, 100, 100 but Paul replied with 3 x 100’s himself. Jim was first down though but missed 4 darts at tops. Paul took out 74 for 21 darts and was leading 2-0. Jim was unlucky in each of the first two but could do little about the third. The third leg saw Paul score 123, and then an excellent 171 to leave tops. He took it next time in 1 for a 16-dart leg and a 3-0 win. Paul 6 tons and a 171, Jim 4 tons. Coventry Bishopsgate now 4-2 up on the night.


Jimmy Hill (22.63) 3 Dane Vickers (23.63) 2

Jimmy scored steadily against throw in the first leg with a 100 and three further 80+ scores. Dane started slowly and his scores of 100 & 97 came too late with Jim taking it in 21 darts. Dane started leg two with back-to-back 140’s to set up a decent lead. Jim bounced back with successive 100’s but Dane was down first and missed two at a double before Jim clocked 80 for a 2-0 lead in 21 darts. Dane came back again in leg 3 this time with success. He hit consecutive scores of 100, 100 & 140 and was out in 17 darts to reduce the arrears to 2-1. Two more 100’s and two further scores of 90+ saw Dane level the match at 2-2 in leg 4 as Dane took it comfortably in 20 darts. Dane had the throw in the fifth leg and got first chance at a double after 2 x 100’s. He unfortunately missed his shot for a 105 finish and then missed a further 6 darts at double 8, to allow Jim back in. Jim took his chance taking out 47 for a 23 dart-game and a 3-2 win, which also ensured the points for the home side. Jim 6 tons, Dane 10 tons. 5-2 Coventry Bishopsgate.

Dave Crossingham (22.68) 0 Mark Birch (24.64) 3

A mixed bag for Dave, with scores of 140, 100 & 134 offset by several low scores and missed doubles. Mark had found just 1 x 100 but otherwise scored steadily and took the leg in 24 darts. Dave found his form in the second with consecutive scores of 100. 140 & 100 but Mark hit 2 x 180’s in the leg to see him out in 15 darts for a 2-0 lead. A fairly even third leg, with 100 and two 90+ scores from Mark and Dave replying with 100 & 105. Dave had 6 darts at a double to get a leg back but Birchy took out tops for a 22-dart leg and an excellent 3-0 win. Dave 8 tons, Mark 4 tons and 2 x 180’s.

Final score Coventry Bishopsgate 5 Sutton Sports 3

Fair play to Coventry Bishopsgate, they have a very strong side, but we felt we might have just nicked a draw with close calls in particular for Dane and Luis amongst the losers. Both so unlucky we feel not to have won their games.

It was great to see Matty and Birchy back to winning ways though. They have been playing some excellent darts without the rewards at times this season.

Running averages were Coventry Bishopsgate 23.31, Sutton 22.68.

Tons were Coventry Bishopsgate 50+2, Sutton 48+3.

Next up for us we finally get a home game, after 4 away games in our first 5 matches. It’s home to Coventry Railway. Lets hope we can get back to winning ways on our own patch.

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